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We’ve been creating web applications for companies near and far for 10 solid years.

2,000 lines of code or 20,000 lines of code – it’s all the same to us. Currently, we offer programming services in 12 languages and over 30 platforms. The building blocks for any successful online venture require the correct choice of resources. We’re here to help you gain competitive advantage when using web-based programs by employing technologies that deliver vibrant and powerful web applications.

There are a couple of technologies that we use regularly that deserve specific mention:

MYSQL Server
SQL Server is an affordable, widely available, enterprise-level database solution. Whether the application is a content management system, an e-commerce solution, or relationship management, SQL Server provides a robust and stable back-end to power your site.

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. It happens to be one of our specialties.

Here are just a few of the ways we employ web technology:

Content Management
Content Management is a cost effective and convenient way to maintain a corporate web presence. We build web control panels for our clients that let them update and maintain their websites with no HTML knowledge required. Content can be edited with familiar formatting tools, with perfect results for each published page.

As doing business on the web becomes more of an essential, the need for powerful, affordable tools grows. We’re able to satisfy all online commerce objectives by employing shopping carts, order processing, and inventory management tools; the whole package.

Mass E-mail
The web is all about getting your message out. Sophisticated web-based email applications allow you to communicate with your staff, clients, and stakeholders with a level of precision unavailable through your desktop mail software. Vibrant HTML encoded emails make sure your message stands out and avoid appearing as spam.

Custom web application development stands for building and implementing applications, which involves integration of a number of advanced technologies to meet the specific requirements. At All Insites, we have the extensive expertise, experience and resources to deliver all the full functionality of web application development, integration and management services that are closely aligned to the clients’ business needs.

Thousands of organizations worldwide adopt the new technology advancements to their business processes and therefore successful custom web application development and its implementation allow you to complete in this highly competitive, dynamic and performance-driven corporate world.

We understand what business owners are looking for when opting for custom-built application. Our web development team’s commitment is to provide the highest level of web application development services for your growing demands.

Our Web Application Development Process

A wide variety of software development models have evolved over the years and our web application development process follows different development models for different kinds of projects. Our model selection is based on the size of the project, urgency, client requirements and so on.

The common approaches listed below we apply to any web application development:

  • Understand your custom requirement and business
  • Plan, design, build, test and implement applications following strict quality standards
  • Integrate them into clients’ business processes and system environments
  • Give special emphasis on scalable web application development
  • Complete on time and within budget

Existing Application Maintenance and Enhancement

We have a decade of combined expertise in PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, MySQL Database, and all major open source web development tools that will take your project to the next level and assure the success.

Web application development and Web-based software application development at All Insites are robust, scalable and secure, enhancing your business performance and increasing Returns on Investment (ROI). Whatever your project needs, custom web application development, inventory management, a custom ERP module, or a complete CRM system, our web developers will work with you throughout the project.

Please do have a look at our web development portfolio to get the level of experience our developers possess.

How to Start?

Based on your requirements, our professional business consultants and development team will present you a technical proposal. The estimation service is free and usually takes 1-2 business days. For more Information and service request, please contact us or email us at:

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